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Running, a passion for CNIS’ two-time State Champion

For One Columbus North International student running is more than a sport: it is an art.
Two-time State Champion track runner Timia Easley, said she has a passion for running.
“I feel at peace when I am running,” said the CNIS senior. 
She runs whenever she has time, including her Monday-to-Sunday practices.
Easley has benefited from being a two-time State Champion because she has met a lot of coaches, officials and has been invited to travel around the United States for different national track meets.
Her coach influences her by telling her to train like a “Champion not a chumpion.”
Easley said that track helps you learn more about yourself, and has allowed her to develop both communication skills and character.

Winter brings new sports to CNIS


Last winter Columbus North International School had its first bowling teams.

The school has both a boy and girl team, their season was from Dec. 1 to Feb. 14, 2014 and they played 15 matches.

There are a girls’ team that was coached by Coach Ritchey and consisted of three seniors, one junior and three freshmen.

The boys’ team was coached by Coach Cox and consisted of three seniors and three juniors.

“It was fun to be able to play a new sport,” said Abdi Omar, who played for the boys’ bowling team.

The boys won individual games but did not win any total games. The girls won several of their games.

The strategy that the teams used was putting in five players at a time to bowl.

“I am looking forward to more people coming to join the teams next year,” said Cox.

CNIS Middle School Girls’ Basketball Giving its “Best” in First Season

Iyana Hairston attempts a shot in a game between the Columbus North International middle school girls’ basketball team and Dominion Fifth Avenue on Dec. 12, 2013. (Roar file photo)

Iyana Hairston attempts a shot in a game between the Columbus North International middle school girls’ basketball team and Dominion Fifth Avenue on Dec. 12, 2013. (Roar file photo)

The Columbus North International middle school girls’ basketball team has a record of 7-5 for the 2013-14 season.

The team is coached by Charles Jones and consists of seven girls. Charlea Henley, Iyana Hairston, Tasheona Parks, Sarai Swann and Rodneyka Groves are the starters, while Brittany Nell and Amiyah Coates.

The CNIS middle school girls’ and boys’ basketball teams practice and play games at Fifth Avenue Elementary, because the high school teams practice and play games at CNIS. The school provides bus transportation to Fifth Avenue for the middle school teams to attend practices and games.

Parks told The Roar that playing for the girls’ basketball team is “great.”

“We have our ups and downs, but we have it on our hearts and play on the court,” Parks said. “We give our best and do our best. “

Parks added that the team thinks Jones can be “annoying sometimes, but it’s nice sometimes.” She also said their practices are not very intense; during practice, the team warms up and then does the exercises it uses in games, Parks said.

Parks said Hairston and Henley are the best players on the team.

The biggest disappointment of the season for Parks, she said, was that the team’s game against the Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls was canceled due to weather. Parks said CNIS was defeated by the all-girls school early in the season, so she “wanted to return to them.”

CNIS soccer coach, not just passionate about sports


Columbus North International high school soccer coach, Adam Weiss, more than just sports.

Mr. Weiss, a Hamilton College graduate, coaches soccer in high school and basketball for his son’s team. He’s passionate for his family and spends most of the time with his children.

Mr. Weiss likes soccer, reading, and cooking. He enjoys most sports except for baseball and golf. Besides being a coach, Mr. Weiss is also a CNIS English teacher. He said he has always been a English teacher.

Some of Mr. Weiss’ students said they liked his personality and teaching style.

Evodie Umba, a 12 grade student, said that he is a cool teacher, corny but funny, and is not strict or boring.

Rina Schultz had Mr. Weiss in 10 grade and said he is hardworking, extremely humorous, witty, and committed.



Boys and Girls Basketball Teams in Action–Go Lions!

Iyana Hairston attempts a shot in a game between the Columbus North International middle school girls’ basketball team and Dominion Fifth Avenue on Dec. 12, 2013. (Roar file photo)

The middle school and high school basketball teams were in full swing in 2013, and have even more games to come in 2014. Thanks to Javonne Daye, we have some terrific images of all of our boys and girls teams in action, and hope everyone will go out and support them for the rest of their season.

CNIS Middle School basketball team wears Kenwood’s jerseys

Columbus North International Middle School's Gabe Towns drives the ball down the court in a game against Mifflin Middle School. The Lions won the first game of the season, 45-22, Monday, November 25, 2013, at Mifflin Middle School, Columbus Ohio.

Columbus North International Middle School’s Gabe Towns drives the ball down the court in a game against Mifflin Middle School. The Lions won the first game of the season, 45-22, Monday, November 25, 2013, at Mifflin Middle School, Columbus Ohio.

On Monday Columbus North International Middle School boys basketball team played their first game of the season against Mifflin Middle School; beating them 45-22.

It was a great win for the Lions, however there was one problem: The middle school basketball players had to wear Ecole Kenwood’s jerseys.

Ecole Kenwood is a Columbus public French immersion elementary school. Some CNIS Middle school basketball players had attended Kenwood last year but many on the team said they did not appreciate wearing elementary schools jerseys. When parents bought this concern to the CNIS’ Middle School principal and basketball coach, they were told that the school did not have money to purchase new uniforms for the middle school basketball team.

By Kayin Derden

Middle School basketball preview


Soccer has ended, and it is time for middle school boys and girls basketball to get underway, although you will not see much of them around the school.

Both Columbus North International School teams are practicing at Fifth Avenue International School, and plan to play their first games on Nov. 25.

All the practices and home games will take place at Fifth Avenue because the high school basketball teams are using CNIS’ gym.

Leanthony Jones was hired to coach the boy’s team, and Frederic Jones is the girl’s coach.

The boy’s team has already played their first preseason game, beating Mifflin Middle School, although no one kept score.

CNIS is in the Central Division. The boys play schools like Arts Impact, Champion, Columbus Boys Prep and Linden-McKinley. Besides playing Columbus Girls Prep, the girls play many of the same teams.

Games are scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m., and admission costs $3.

By Danny Kraft

Boys Schedule:

Date Home Away
11/25 Mifflin CNIS
12/2 CNIS Indianola K-8
12/4 Linden CNIS
12/9 CNIS Champion
12/12 Dominion CNIS
12/16 CNIS Arts Impact
12/18 CNIS Boys Prep
1/8 CNIS Woodward Park
1/13 BYE
1/15 CNIS Linden
1/22 CNIS Ridgeview
1/27 Champion CNIS
1/29 No Game Scheduled
2/3 Arts Impact CNIS
2/5 Boys Prep CNIS
2/10 BYE

Girls Schedule:

Date Home Away
11/25 CNIS Mifflin
12/2 Indianola K-8 CNIS
12/4 CNIS Linden
12/9 Champion CNIS
12/12 CNIS Dominion
12/16 Arts Impact CNIS
12/18 Girls Prep CNIS
1/8 Woodward Park CNIS
1/13 BYE
1/15 Linden CNIS
1/22 Ridgeview CNIS
1/27 CNIS Champion
1/29 Medina CNIS
2/3 CNIS Arts Impact
2/5 CNIS Girls Prep
2/10 BYE


Middle School Students Enjoy Less Athletic Opportunities


At the Columbus North International school the middle school students have a limited variety of sports.

I have interviewed a couple of middle school student about what they thought of having limited sports. A middle school students named Precious Randall told me that: “It’s not fair that we don’t have that many sports”.

I then asked her why she says this. “I say this because we should be all be treated the same. We are all the same at least let us try.” I asked her if she played a sport and she said that she plays volleyball.

She would’ve tried out for bowling but it was only for the high school students. She understands that that middle school students should be separated from high school students but she wants the same opportunities for everyone.

Another middle school student named Elizabeth Prieto, “It’s not fair because the high school student have more sports than us, and that were treated unfairly because were younger.”

The reason why we don’t have a lot of sports is because we are a new middle school and that there aren’t that many girls. That is what Mrs. Munnerlyn, the middle school principle, said.

By: Alisha Rivera

Read this story in Spanish.

SPORTS: Girls Basketball Shooting for Higher Commitment


The Lady Lions went from having about 15 girls on the team for the 2012-2013 basketball season to barely five girls during conditioning this fall, which could have a effect on the upcoming season.

“Better communication, stronger team-work, and 100% commitment and dedication can help the team improve a lot,” senior Nikaila Durham said.

From her perspective, the team could have done more in terms of conditioning last season. She said during practices, the girls were always excited and driven, but it wasn’t enough to win the games.

“A basketball team is like the five fingers on a hand. If you can get all the fingers together, then you have a fist. That is how I want us to play as a team,” said Durham.

She said the team struggled with injuries last season.

“They struggled with staying in shape and healthy…their team chemistry as well,” said Coach Lawrence.

He went on to say the girls’ attendance issues would hurt them in the long run.

“It’s like if you do not prepare for the season during the preseason and conditioning, then you are only making it easier for someone else to take your position,” Lawrence said.

By Candra Branch


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